Fall 2023 Accredited Semester Program

Program Structure:

SRISA offers American University level undergraduate courses taught in English in a variety of areas of study. All classes, with the exception of Italian Language, are taught in English. Most students choose to study for one or two semesters. Fall 2023 term is 15 weeks long and students enroll in 12-16 credit hours.

Classroom Structure & Instruction:

Academic Lecture Classes:

Lecture classes meet twice a week for a total of 3 contact hours per week. Classes combine in-class lectures, discussion and on-site visits and instruction. Most academic courses are reading and writing intensive and will require a minimum of 6-9 hours of work outside of regular class-time.

Studio Art & Design Classes:

These hands on courses meet twice a week for a total of 6 contact hours per week. Studio courses combine practical lessons, in-class demonstrations and slide presentations. When possible students go on-site to work or visit exhibits or museums of relevance to the subject being studied. All courses require outside work and in-class critiques, both group and individual. Advanced studio courses may require written assignments and many require students to keep a sketchbook.

Grading and Evaluation:

Students are graded using the American University model of evaluation.

Fall 2023 Calendar:

FALL 2023: September 5 - December 20

  • Jun. 15 Enrollment Deadline
  • Jul. 15 Tuition and Forms Deadline
  • Sept. 5 Housing Check-In: 10am-6pm
  • Sept. 6 - Sept. 8 SRISA Orientation
  • Sept. 11 1st day of Class
  • Oct. 25-26 Midterm Exams
  • Oct. 27 - Nov. 5 Fall Break
  • Nov. 10 Classes in Session (make up for Thanksgiving)
  • Dec. 15 Student Show
  • Dec. 18-19 Final Exams  
  • Dec. 20 Housing Check-Out: By 10 am

Program Fees:

Processing fee: $75
Program Deposit: $1,000 (The program deposit will be applied towards the full balance of tuition)

Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, and Design Programs: $8,965

  • 4-5 Elective courses (maximum 4 studio courses)
  • Total Credits: 12-16

Maryville University in St. Louis Transcript (optional): $250 (this fee covers two consecutive semesters and two summer sessions, see transcripts for more information)

Academic Year Discount: $2,500*
Students enrolling in the Academic Year program receive $2,500 off their second semester and 15% discount off Summer Tuition.

Additional Fees:
Permit of Stay fees will be billed to students by invoice along with course fees and optional field trips after the first week of class.  The Permit of Stay is mandatory for all persons studying in Italy for over 90 days. Approximate Permit of Stay cost is 200 Euro.  Course and optional field trip fees vary.

Activities Fee

Activities fee of $1,150 includes:

  • Welcome Dinner
  • Student Exhibit and Reception
  • 3 SRISA Day Trips and 1 SRISA 3-Day Overnight Trip or equivalent
  • Cultural Program Activities and Events
  • Access to SRISA Optional Excursions
  • On Campus Internet and Library

Learn more about activities offered during this term.

Internship Fees

Internship Program – 15 Weeks: $2,195
Internship, 3 credits

Internship Program and Italian Language – 15 Weeks: $3,790
Internship, 3 credits
1 Italian language course, 4 credits, 60 contact hours

Fall 2023 Courses:

SRISA Courses:

Liberal Arts Department

Art History

Childhood and Art Education


Gender Studies


Italian Language

Italian Studies

Literature and Writing

Marketing and Business

Political Science and Economics

Psychology and Sociology

Science and Mathematics

Special Programs Liberal Arts

Housing at SRISA

SRISA arranges housing upon request for students enrolled at the school. It is a great opportunity for students to get to know one another while being immersed in the daily Italian life that greatly enriches their study abroad experience.

Housing Options:

  • Double occupancy room in a shared apartment
  • Single occupancy room in a shared apartment
  • Private apartment
  • Arrange your own housing * 

Housing costs include rent, reasonable utility usage, check-in service, staff assistance, and administrative fees.

Students are housed in residential apartments located within walking distance from SRISA. All apartments are fully furnished with the essential necessities for independent living.

Housing Fees

  • $500 Housing Security Deposit (see Deposit tab for details)
  • $4,220 Double occupancy room in shared apartments
  • $5,420 Single occupancy room in shared apartments
  • Private apartments available upon request, click here to ask for more details
    See Housing for more details.

Field Trips and Activities at SRISA:

Most courses integrate on-site visits to museums and exhibitions and at times require day or overnight trips. These excursions are considered an integral part of the course curriculum and attendance is mandatory. The fees for these excursions are not included in tuition fees and students will be invoiced separately after the end of the add-drop period for these excursions along with general lab fees.