SRISA 3D, 4D and Fashion Facilities in Florence

The 3D studio campus is a great open area divided into three main areas on the ground floor with a second large studio on the second floor. Housing advanced studios, sculpture studies, projection and lecture area, private workspaces and a gallery the 3D studio campus is a truly unique space. Located across the street from the San Gallo campus, this large loft-like space offers many nooks and spaces for installation of work. The unique openness of the space along with many architectural intricacies inspire students to create work and reimage the space every semester.

In this Campus:

- Surface: 5,000 ft²
- Accessibility
- WiFi
- Air Conditioning
- Printer/Scanner
- Vending Machine: 2
- Bathrooms: 1


- Studio Hours: 9am - 23pm
- Address: Via Santa Reparata 19r, Florence, Italy 50129
- Phone: +39 055 213 984
- Fax: +39 055 53 70 772

Location in Florence:

SRISA Staff in 3D, 4D and Fashion Facilities:


Andrew Smaldone

Academic Dean