3D Multimedia Lab

@ 3D and 4D Campus

The large open space provides lots of room to work. Tables, sculpture equipment and lots of access outside of class-time provide a unique opportunity for students in Florence. Facilities for clay, plaster, metalsmith, installation, work-working, fibers, digital video, sound production and editing provide students with the tools necessary to develop their ideas.

Our Mini Carpentry set up includes a chop saw, drill press, band saw, electric jigsaw, circular saw, hand held sanders, drills and a dremel and students are guided in their use of these tools and various techniques for assembly, armature creation and framing. Complimenting our Mini Carpentry set is a Mini Steel Fabrication set equipped with an arch welder, steel band saw, grinders and all of the safety equipment needed for basic welding and fabrication in steel. This set up is used for the creation of armatures and supports and the realization of  sculptures in light gauge steel. A large workspace with a set up for clay construction, plaster mold making and casting plaster and wax.

Meet the SRISA Team: