SRISA San Gallo Campus 

For Fine Arts and Design

The San Gallo Campus, located on Via San Gallo, thus the name of the campus, is the main studio art campus. This campus is where most students choose to spend time after class and over the weekends to study, work on projects or just hang out with other students. The San Gallo campus is located in the historic Le Monier Building, Le Monier was one of the first printing studios printing books in Florence.

Today students can study the art of bookmaking in the beautiful studios. The vaulted ceiling and large open spaces are unique in Florence and offer a dialog between the contemporary and historic architectural elements. The main entrance to the San Gallo campus is a bustling place. The front desk at the San Gallo campus is run by the Studio Arts Manager, and the SRISA lab technicians as well as other assistants to help with any issues that might arise. 

This campus houses the SRISA Main Gallery, the Main Entrance Lounge areas, additional lounge and work areas, computers, faculty office, Digital Lab, Photography Lab, Printmaking Studio, Book Arts Area, and the Painting and Drawing studio.

In this Campus:

- Surface: 6,750 ft²
- Accessibility
- WiFi
- Air Conditioning
- Printer/Scanner
- Vending Machine: 2
- Bathrooms: 3


- Office Hours: 9am - 6pm
- Studio Hours: 9am - 23pm
- Address: Via San Gallo 53r, Florence, Italy 50129
- Phone: +39 055 50 00 380
- Fax: +39 055 53 70 772

Location in Florence:

SRISA Staff in San Gallo Campus:


Tamara Ronci

Studio Manager
San Gallo Campus - image 5

Sebastian Palumbo

Student Services

Gleb Shtyrmer

Chief Technology Officer