@the San Gallo Campus

Etching and Monoprinting:

Bendini Motorized Press 104 cm bed, Bendini hand press 70 cm press bed, Conrad etching press 30cm press bed, two inking stations with hotplates, exposure unit, copy camera, 50 cm plate shear, print drying area, and large flat files for storage of prints and proofs.The school stocks a large number of PlexiGlas plates for monoprints.


Two classic Bollito hand presses, two inking stations, a large number of rollers, and over 70 stones of various sizes.

Relief Printing:

Two Swiss made Letterpresses with motorized inking and press beds 40 cm X 60 cm. The school has a large number of lead fonts and a valuable collection of rare wooden type in very large sizes.

Instruction & Class structure:

Semester Studio classes meet for two three-hour sessions per week, and students have ample time outside of class time during the week and weekends. Classes consist of lectures, demonstrations, and open studio. During summer sessions classes meet four days per week and students have the same additional access as the semester students.


SRISA supplies most of the required materials with a lab fee. Students purchase their own printing papers, personal tools, and drawing supplies.

Meet the SRISA Team: