Jewelry Design courses

@3D and 4D Campus


Our Jewelry Design courses are located in our newly created Jewelry Studio in the 3D Campus. A beautiful space with plenty of storage and natural light from skylights in addition of the multiple flourescent blubs makes the room as bright as necessary for the detailed work of jewelry design. The studio is equipped with 10 personal work stations. Each work station is a three tiered desk with a personal light, a tool box, and bench pins.

In addition to these personal work stations the Jewelry Studio is also equipped with an anvil, band saw, drill press, hand held sanders, arch welder, steel band saw, and grinders. 


Students are given a tool box filled with the necessary tools such as: pliers, hammers and mallets, reamers, wire jigs, and jewelry hand saws. Students in jewelry courses will need to purchase some of their own materials, such as metals, beads, paper for designing, and other embellishments.

Meet the SRISA Team: