A Brand new Studio just for Fashion

@the San Gallo Campus


Fashion courses are taught in well-lit studios that can accommodate up to twelve students at a time. The studios are supplied with sewing machines, dress forms, and tables and are fully heated and air-conditioned. A professional iron with ironing table is also provided together with paper for pattern-making and muslin for draping.

Basic illustration and sewing supplies such as color pencils, cutting mats, scissors, cutters, chalks, and measuring tapes are available in the fashion studio. Students will also find principal materials and fabrics for the execution of garments for the final fashion show. Many courses also take students out into the city and surrounding areas for inspiration and research in one of the fashion museums in the area.


Students in fashion courses will need to purchase some of their own materials, including marker paper, color paper, markers, needles and thread, and embellishments for final garments.

Meet the SRISA Team: