Housing Rules

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Housing Rules and Agreement

  1. The rental period begins on your program’s official check-in date and ends at 10:00 a.m. on your program’s official check-out date and may not be presumptively or tacitly extended. In case of delay in vacating the premises, each Tenant agrees to pay a penalty of Euro 200,00 for every extra day, plus eventual losses caused by the delay of departure.
  2. Rent and utilities are paid through SRISA. The sum paid by SRISA is based on average consumption of the utilities (water, gas, electricity). Tenants will be charged extra for excessive consumption. The tenant is held responsible in complying with general rules in downloading material and surfing the web when using the apartment’s Internet service.
  3. Any existing damages or complaints must be reported through the housing agency website and/or in writing to the housing director coordinator within two days of key consignment. Any items not listed will be assumed to be in satisfactory condition. The Tenants are considered as “keepers” of the premises. Any damage caused to the apartment, furnishings, electrical appliances, etc. must be reported immediately through the housing agency website and/or in writing to the housing director coordinator. All apartment information (ie. instruction booklets, manuals, guides, signs, etc.) provided either directly to the tenant, present in the apartment, and available on the agency website must be read carefully before any kind of usage. Tenants will be responsible for ordinary maintenance (lightbulbs, broken keys, windows, clogged drains, etc.). Each Tenant is jointly responsible together with other Tenants for all damages caused either by the Tenants themselves or by their guests. Tenants will be responsible for damage repair costs as well as any consequences deriving from such damage; costs are either ti be paid immediately or deducted from the housing deposit. The landlord will be responsible for extraordinary maintenance.
  4. Subletting or lending of the leased premises is strictly forbidden. Only the undersigned lessee is permitted to occupy the apartment. Overnight guests are not allowed. Should anyone other than the Tenant be found in the apartment the landlord or the housing director coordinator has the right to ask the Tenant to vacate the apartment.
  5. The owner has the right of access to the apartment with prior notice (except in the case of an emergency) to verify that the terms of the contract are respected, to show it to future tenants or purchasers, and for general maintenance.
  6. The Tenants agree to keep the apartment, building entrance, and stairs clean and in order. It is strictly forbidden to disturb neighbors in any way; to make loud noise after 10.30 pm, to hold parties; to move or to add furniture; to take bikes etc. into the apartment or into the building entrance; to put anything up on walls (nail, tape, etc.); and to keep pets.
  7. The apartment must be left clean, tidy and free from personal belongings. Neither SRISA nor the Landlord will be responsible for belongings left in the apartment after check-out date. Costs of any additional required cleaning will be evaluated at departure.
  8. The Tenant has paid a security deposit of U.S. $250 (summer) or $500 (semester). This deposit will be reimbursed minus any damages or expenses approximately 3 months after departure.
  9. The housing coordinator reserves the right to make any different or new housing assignments before or during your stay.
  10. Check in procedure (place, date and time) will be notified in advance.
  11. Date and time of check out (apartment’s inspection, keys return, etc.) will be notified in advance. Each Tenant will be charged a minimum Euro 30 fee if keys are not returned.
  12. No transcripts will be released to your College-School (credits and grades) if there are any outstanding expenses for extra or excessive utilities consumption, damages to your apartment, etc.
  13. This form, the Passport Information form, and a copy of the Tenant’s passport must be completed and presented to the housing coordinator before arrival. These documents are necessary for registration with local authorities; Tenants will be held responsible for any fines incurred for delay in consignment of these papers and documents.