About The SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art

Fall and Spring Program: Each year SRISA gallery co-directors selects between 5-7 gallery exhibitions that run from one to two months each during the months of September through April. Working both independently and in conjunction with local and internationally known curators, the SRISA Gallery staff selects artists approximately 2-8 months in advance. Most shows are personal exhibitions of national and internationally known artists from around the world.

Summer Program: During the months of May-August SRISA invites members of the SRISA artistic community, visiting faculty and Alumni to participate in both individual and group exhibitions.

Student Exhibitions: At the termination of each term SRISA students under the tutelage of the SRISA faculty are given the opportunity to show the work they have completed during their time
The spaces

Main Gallery, (September – April)
Address: Via San Gallo 53r
Gallery window visible at Via San Gallo, 51r
35 mq

This space is used exclusively as a gallery space from September to April. The space is 35 mq with a vaulted ceiling. The window on street measures L 2,75 X W 2,32 and makes the space very visible from the street.

Main Entrance – Lounge & Gallery Space (year round)
Address: Via San Gallo 53r
47,30 mq

This space is used as both a SRISA common area and an exclusive exhibition space. The area can be cleared of furniture and used for video projection, installation and sculptural work or used for wall space for 2-d work.

The main entrance of the school gives into this space. The doors to the school are glass and exhibitions are visible from the street from this space. The window adjacent to the main entrance is an additional space available as exhibition space. The windw measures L 2,75 X W 2,32 for a total of 4,20 mq.

The Androne _ Hall
Address: Via San Gallo 53r
23,80 m of wall space

The Androne, Hallway is a space used to show work from the SRISA archive of both professional artists and alumni work. This space is used during student exhibitions and can be used as an auxillirary gallery space used in conjunction with the main and secondary gallery spaces or exclusively from smaller 2-D exhibitions.

Opening hours:
SRISA gallery is open from 10am-10pm Monday Through Friday and from 12-5pm or 5-11pm depending on the weekly schedule.

Gallery phone:
+39 055-4627374
The SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art is a non-profit, non-commercial exhibition space located on the main studio art campus of the Santa Reparata International School of Art on Via San Gallo 53r.