Jana harper
"Nature Games"

Jana Harper Nature Games  February 19th-March 5th, 2009

The photographs and videos in this exhibition document a month spent in the Val di Pesa, an hour outside of Florence. While taking daily walks Jana Harper sought to experience the land as a child would: with fresh, innocent, and playful eyes. Perhaps naturally, she made up games. “Game One: Assemble the tiniest bouquet. Ever.” “Game Eight: Sit under an olive tree and try and catch the flowers as they fall.” “Game Eleven: Try and draw the wind the way it feels on your body.” The games are intimate, quiet, subtle, simple, and sometimes funny. Many of them are about being still and engaging with that stillness. Ultimately, they draw attention to the way profoundly small things often make us feel the most alive.

Jana Haper lives and works in St. Louis (MO)
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