Imitation of life

Opening: Wedensday March 31st 6:30pm-8:30 pm
The show will remain visible until April 15th, 2011
SRISA Contemporary Art Gallery

“I enjoy photographing works of art as it permits me to concentrate on the image before me rather than focusing on the “theme”, “motive” or “significance”. That these images can exist as both art and documentation intrigues me.  The works themselves have a unique aesthetic identity, and this is important.  I pick I choose, I photograph: the process comes naturally, without effort.   Art that produces art.”  Portraying the dual roll of artist and art writer, attending art centers, galleries, museums, fairs and biennials, Michele Dantini has created over the years a vast archive of images that documents the historical and social world of contemporary art. These works serve as both a travel diary (curatorial research) and as stand-alone photographic images.  The attention of the artist moves with ease from the work to the social and institutional context. The images are at times recognizable and at times so abstracted that they invite us to reflect on a new interpretation or view of the work.   What emerges from the body of work is significant.  The behaviors, “types” of audience, expectations and rituals form a constant intertwining play between distance and participation, fascination and perplexity, aesthetic abandonment and critical inquiry.  In the context of Santa Reparata International School of Art these works invite us to consider the art world and the roll that the viewer, curator and artist share.
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