Art History at SRISA
Students can take courses such as Early Gothic to High Renaissance, the Quattrocento, and the Cinquecento, which introduce students to art historical periods that were largely defined by the city of Florence.  The Survey of Italian Architecture examines the major architectural contributions made in Italy from antiquity to the twentieth century.  Finally, students interested in modern and contemporary art can choose from courses in the History of Photography, History of Contemporary Art, and Italian Art of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries.  On occasion, students can also pursue specialized courses in such topics as museum studies, restoration or the history of the Venice Biennale.
History and Politics at SRISA
History and Political Science courses at Santa Reparata introduce students to the Italian political system and its history from the origin of the Italian power in Europe, the formation of the European identity in the 8th century, until the modern times; through the most prominent phases of the Italian history, such as the unification (Risorgimento) in the 19th century up until the present.  Students develop an ample conceptual knowledge about Italy's history and politics, gaining a command not only of the facts of modern Italian political history - the dates of key events, the importance of major personalities and such - but above all an understanding of the dynamics involved and a strong sense of history: the basic trends of continuity and change, cause and effect, the interplay of regional, national and international influences, and the significance of global events within Italy. 
Italian Language and Literature at SRISA
SRISA requires that students who come to Florence for semester programs take Italian at some level.  Even a minimal amount of language will open a door to Italian thought and culture in a very direct way and make the whole Italian experience richer and more fulfilling.  Learning Italian brings students closer to the culture and the city where they are living.  Those students who choose the Italian language as their primary educational goal have the opportunity to enroll in the Intensive Italian Language Program.  The SRISA courses offer a full-immersion language program where class lessons are taught in Italian from the first day.  This method exposes students immediately to the language and develops listening and speaking skills.  All instructors are native Italian speakers who also speak fluent English and thus, when necessary, are able to give explanations in English.

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