Studying Photography at SRISA

The photography courses at SRISA offer opportunities for both beginning and advanced students to explore the city of Florence through the medium of photography. Beginning students develop the basic field, studio and darkroom skills of 35 millimeter black and white photography; while intermediate and advanced students may explore such issues as experimental, digital or documentary photography. These courses provide a framework to encourage students to develop as artists and to interact with their new visual landscape.

Photography Facilities at SRISA:


SRISA offers a variety of courses ranging from basic black and white photography to more advanced courses that explore experimental processes, advanced and digital photography, documentary photography and the development of advanced independent projects. Courses in the history of photography broaden students' understanding of the range and development of the medium in both Europe and North America while familiarizing them with the cultural discourses of contemporary photography.

Instruction & Classroom structure:

All photography classes combine practical hands-on demonstration, in-class critique, along with illustrated classroom lectures on contemporary photography.  Emphasis is given to the exploration and development of a personal visual language.

The Darkroom Facilities:

The SRISA Darkroom has 5 Durst and 3 Omega D-2, full ventilation and air exchange unit, and an island developing sink. The production area is fully ventilated and has 6 film developing stations, large tables, electric film dryer, electric RD paper dryer, light table, and paper cutters. The critique and production area is suitable for up to 14 students. Students and professionals regularly use Solarplates, Z*Acryl, and ImageOn films to create intaglio plates.