Studying Painting and Drawing at SRISA

Drawing and Painting courses at SRISA offer students the opportunity to develop a technical, formal and intellectual understanding of painting and drawing while having a wealth of historically important masterpieces available to study first-hand. Students are encouraged to develop a strong understanding of the relationship between historical ideas and modern and contemporary artistic practice.

Meet SRISA Faculty:


Painting and drawing courses are taught in two well-illuminated studios that can accommodate up to fourteen students at a time. The studios are supplied with easels and tables and are fully heated and air-conditioned. Many courses also take students out into the city and surrounding areas to paint and draw on site, either outdoors or in one of the many museums in the area.

Instruction and Structure:

Painting and drawing courses are centered on the practice of working in the studio, and professors give students both individual and group instruction, often accompanied by demonstrations. Studio assignments are regularly complemented by group discussions, critiques, illustrated lectures, museum and gallery visits and the analysis of historic and contemporary paintings and drawings.

Studying Painting and Drawing at SRISA:

Students can take a variety of courses ranging from Introductory Drawing and Painting, Color Theory, Landscape Painting, Figure Drawing and Figure Painting, to Advanced Studio Courses in which students address the conceptual concerns of contemporary artistic practice while seeking to define their own creative interests.

Students in drawing and painting courses will need to purchase their own materials, including paper, canvas, paints, brushes and solvents.