Studying 3D and 4D at SRISA

The SRISA 3D and 4D program is dedicated to a contemporary vision of materials, a critical understanding of form and space and a broad elaboration across technical facilities not exclusive to art making. 

Meet SRISA Faculty:

3D Course Structure:

These courses introduce students to a range of processes that embrace performative qualities of creation that question the role of formal aesthetics and embrace the elaboration of content. Woodworking, Clay, Plaster, Metal and Fiber facilities guide the students through a range of approaches to sculpture and installation rooted in a conceptual investigation that engages the history of the medium while pushing its boundaries and definitions. The projection of ambitious works and the elaboration of proposals further the vision of the students beyond the immediate and foster the growth and articulation of the student's choices.

4D Course Structure:

The 4D courses are dedicated to the development of works rooted in temporal and multisensory mediums. Engaging ethereal and technological approaches to new and old mediums, students are challenged to develop a range of interconnected approaches in the realm of performance, video, film, sound and computer as well as circuit based works. Conceptual and experimental approaches to these media comprise a complex understanding of the role of context and extensive knowledge around related theory. The development of language both visual and textual accompanies our 4D students in research based projects realized through numerous approaches to artistic representation and presentation.