Fine Arts Department

The Fine Art Department at SRISA is distinct in Florence for its emphasis on working within a contemporary dialog. All fine arts courses at SRISA help provide students with both technical skills as well as helping to assist students in the development of a personal artistic vision and language. Emphasis on critical skills as well as an understanding of art of the history of contemporary art is a component of every course offered in the fine arts department. 

Painting and Drawing

Drawing and Painting courses at SRISA offer students the opportunity to develop a technical, formal and intellectual understanding of painting and drawing while having a wealth of historically important masterpieces available to study first-hand. Students are encouraged to develop a strong understanding of the relationship between historical ideas and modern and contemporary artistic practice.

Printmaking and Book Arts

The SRISA Printmaking Department offers one of the best-equipped and most broad-ranging print facilities in Italy. Students have a full range of technical possibilities, including Relief Printing, Etching, Stone Lithography, Photo-mechanical Processes, Oil and Water-based Mono-printing, Letterpress, Bookbinding, Papermaking, and Digital Technology.

3D and 4D

The SRISA 3D and 4D program is dedicated to a contemporary vision of materials, a critical understanding of form and space and a broad elaboration across technical facilities not exclusive to art making.


SRISA offers a variety of courses ranging from basic black and white photography to more advanced courses that explore experimental processes, advanced and digital photography, documentary photography and the development of advanced independent projects.  Courses in the history of photography broaden students' understanding of the range and development of the medium in both Europe and North America while familiarizing them with the cultural discourses of contemporary photography.