Departments at SRISA

SRISA provides courses in Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Design and starting in Spring 2018 the new Education program.  The wide range of upper and lower division course offerings in a whole range of topics ensures students can find the right courses to fit into their home curriculum.

The Fine Art Department at SRISA is distinct in Florence for its emphasis on working within a contemporary dialog. All Fine Arts courses at SRISA help provide students with both technical skills as well as helping to assist students in the development of a personal artistic vision and language.

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SRISA has a vast array of lecture course available in many different areas such as Art History, History, Sociology, Psychology, Italian Culture, Literature and much more. Lecture courses when possible take advantage of the city of Florence and Italy in general to experience the materials being learned first hand. 

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The SRISA design department offers fashion, communication, and interior design students a fantastic selection of courses to choose from. While each department is unique, they share a commitment to sustainable, ethical design such as Design and Social Movements and Sustainable Fashion Design.

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Department Heads:


Liberal Arts Department

Art History


Gender Studies


Italian Language

Italian Studies

Literature and Writing

Marketing and Business

Political Science and Economics

Psychology and Sociology

Design Department

Architecture and Interior Design

Communication Design

Fashion Design

Jewelry Design

Textile Design