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SRISA offers teaching opportunities for US and International faculty.

Teaching experience and ability is a key criteria for adjunct faculty selection. Like appointed faculty, course evaluations are used to assess faculty teaching.

• Possession of a terminal degree or equivalent experience.  In the USA system this would be equivalent to Master’s or PH.D.
• Candidates applying from other countries must have a terminal degree in their area of study.  In Italy this would be equivalent to a Dottorato in the University system and a Diploma from the Academia system. 
• All Faculty must be able to speak and write correctly in the English language as all classes are taught in English. Knowledge of Italian language is not required. 
• Studio Art Faculty submit a list of their exhibitions and publications.
More than half of all programs hosted at SRISA are Faculty-Led Programs.  In many cases, the relationship with SRISA began as a result of visiting faculty proposing a program to their study abroad office.   If you are interested in teaching at SRISA, leading a Faculty-Led Program here may be a viable option to establishing an ongoing relationship between the two institutions. 
If you are interested in proposing a course to teach at SRISA during the summer months, please submit your CV, reference letter, letter of intent, and list of work/publications, at least one year prior to the intended period. 
For more information on teaching opportunities or Faculty-Led Programs, please contact
Rebecca Olsen, Director.