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Dennis Olsen, M.A., co-founder of the Santa Reparata Graphic Art centre in Florence in 1970, that in 2000 became the Santa Reparata International School of Art. Mr. Olsen is President of SRISA, Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and a practicing artist.

Meredith Dean M.FA., Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and Vice president of SRISA. A practicing artist Ms. Dean has taught a variety of courses at Santa Reparata and is responsible for overseeing all financial operations at the school.

Linnaus Orme (Chuck) Maurer, M.S. Senior Systems Engineer at IBM for 20 years, owner and operator of Alternative Ink, a digital fine arts studio specializing in the digitizing and color management of artfor institutions, museums, and cultural organizations. Board member of Blue Star Contemporary Art Center for San Antonio Space, and SRISA Board member since 2001.

Cyrus Harmon is a co-founder and President and CEO of Combithera, Inc., a biotechnology company located in San Francisco, CA. He was the founder and CEO of Neomorphic, Inc. until its acquisition by Affymetrix, where he served as a VP. He has served as a consultant to bay area biotechnology and IT companies. SRISA Board Member since 2002.

Benjamin Fairbank, Ph.D., is Chief Scientist at Sinclair Service Assessments in San Antonio. Prior to that he was Vice President of Performance Metrics and Vice President of Operational Technologies. He has taught periodically in the UTSA Department of Psychology. SRISA Board member since May 2005.

James Broderick, M.A., is Professor Emeritus and former Department Chair of the UTSA Art Department. Before coming to UTSA he was Chair of the Art Department at Texas Tech University. Mr. Broderickis a photographer/printmaker and former president of NASAD (National Association of School of Art and Design). He has served on many accreditation teams over the years, and is widely respected as an arts administrator. SRISA Board member since May 2005.

Paula Owen, M.F.A., is President of the Southwest School of Art , a non-profit organization with a long history in San Antonio. She has been instrumental in helping the school grow and for raising money for the expansion to adjacent studios. The addition of a major San Antonio gallery space, printmaking studio, and new papermaking studio has all happened on her watch. She is a practicing artist. SRISA Board Member since May 2005.


Gary Crippin, Ph.D., Director, Bilkent University Preparatory School, Ankara, Turkey. He is former headmaster at International Preparatory Schools in Genova, and Rome, Italy, Caracas, Venezuela, and Myanmar (Burma).

Ruth Weisberg, M.F.A., is Dean of the School of Fine Arts, at the University of Southern California. She previously served as chair of the school's studio arts department, as well as acting associate dean for the School of Architecture and Fine Arts. She is a practicing artist and has written more than 60 articles, reviews and catalogue essays. She regularly lectures and curates exhibitions, and has taught summer courses and workshops at SRISA over the past 15 years.

Thomas Kelly, Ph.D., is the Morton B. Knafel Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University. He is an internationally recognized scholar of medieval music and the author of dozens of books and articles. His latest book, First Nights: Five Musical Premieres, Yale University Press, 2000 was named a New York Times "Notable Book of the Year".

John Nadas, Ph.D., is the Gerhard L. Weinberg Distinguished Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He has been a fellow of the Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies (Florence, Italy, 1987-88) and Visiting Professor at Harvard University during fall 1998. Professor Nádas is presently Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Musicology and a member of the editorial boards of Recercare and the series "Ars Nova: Collana di Riproduzioni Fotografiche delle Fonti Italiane del Tre-Quattrocento”.

Peggy Badenhausen, is a practicing printmaker and painter in Boston, MA.

Cynthia Crippin, M.A., teaches mathematics at Bilkent University, and Bilkent University Preparatory School in Ankara, Turkey. Ms. Crippin is a specialist in computer applications and has served SRISA as consultant for its student database.

Barry Solomon, DDS. Dr. Solomon is former SRISA Board of Director and the CEO of several companies that operate dental clics in New Mexico and Texas.

John Worsham, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and has been an examiner for the Texas State Board since 1988. He was co-founder of Psy-Pac, a political action committee, andfor 29 years he served on the Goodwill Industries Board in San Antonio, TX, and has also served on the boards of the Mental Health Association and Planned Parenthood, among others.

Hebron Cutrer is a San Antonio businessman.