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A positive contribution to my thesis and work in the future
by Jiseo Kim, SRISA Spring 2013

In the fall of 2012 I decided to apply to an internship program organized by Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) in Florence, Italy, working as an intern under Italian Jeweler, Frederico Vianello.
The time I spent at Federico’s jewelry studio has been extremely valuable and enjoyable. I gained a new wealth of knowledge regarding many different facets of the Italian jewelry studio system. After speaking with the other students at the SRISA study abroad program, I have come to understand that my internship experience was slightly different and unique. I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and collaborate with the kindest artist, Federico Vianello, whose knowledge in the Jewelry field has helped guide me through out my spring semester.

Through my studies, I was able to focus on both the cultural aspect of Italian craftsmanship and the history of jewelry in Italy, often comparing and contrasting these fields with my knowledge of Asian design aesthetic. While I worked closely with Microfficina Principal, Federico studied certain techniques on metal works, and together, we were able to collaborate and develop pieces inspired from both Italian and Oriental culture, basing our designs on a unique use of materials and concept. By applying traditional Oriental skills to metal craft, we have approached a new method with an innovative solution to our pieces of work. I have no doubt that my experience working with him will make a positive contribution to my thesis and work in the future.
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Una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido
by Grabriella Fazzolari Lopez, SRISA Fall 2012

Estudiar en Santa Reparata ha sido una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido, la verdad aprendí muchísimo y disfruté como nunca. En mi caso realicé el curso de fotografía y diseño de moda porque es lo que mas me gusta y lo realizo a veces como hobbie. Los profesores hacen que cada clase tenga su importancia y emoción, cada vez aprendía más y compartía mucho con mis amigos, me encantó poder estudiar junto a gente de otros lugares, conocer su cultura y practicar el idioma. La verdad que mis expectativas fueron cubiertas y estoy feliz de haber podido vivir esta experiencia. Le doy gracias a la escuela principalmemte a mis profesoras Gloria Marco (fotografía) y Enrica Guidato (diseño de moda) porque de verdad me ayudaron muchísimo en todo momento y fueron super simpáticas conmigo y con todos mis otros compañeros, me encantó tenerlas como profesoras.
Lo que más me gustó del curso de fotografía fue poder aprender a utilizar photoshop ya que es algo complicado y amo editar fotos. De mi curso de diseño de moda, me encanto vivir lo que se siente trabajar tanto con tus manos y al final sentir ese orgullo y satisfacción de ver tus trabajos finalizados.
Les recomiendo a todos muchísimo esta escuela porque vale la pena.
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It has changed my life
by Selina Bray, fall 2011

It is difficult to express all that studying abroad has done for me; it has changed my life in many ways. Living outside of my comfort zone was scary at first but I was forced to figure things out on my own which I am thankful for. I am thankful because this forced me to gain self confidence and independence. I feel the experience has opened my eyes to many aspects of life and sparked a curiosity in me. I've discovered a love for art, beauty, and all different forms of expression. This curiosity has inspired me to gain knowledge about many different cultures, history and politics. The experience has also put my own culture (as well as other cultures) into perspective which has helped me to understand where I come from. This deeper understanding of where I come from has also made it more clear to me what is truly important.
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One of the best experiences of my life!
by Kevin Mc Cormack, spring 2008

Attending Santa Reparata was one of the best experiences of my life. It was my first time traveling without friends or family, so I was nervous. But once I arrived for orientation, I knew it would be a great semester. The staff are amazingly helpful and genuine. They truly want you to enjoy your time in Florence as much as possible. They can give you advice about anything from directions to dinner recipes.
And of course, the instructors were fantastic. Attending school in Italy was such a different experience than in America. The teachers are much more personal, and are more like peers rather than someone with an elevated status. I was lucky enough to take the "Italian Family" course and it remains one of the best and most valuable classes I've ever had. Although I attended SRISA several years ago, when I returned to Florence last summer I made sure to stop by and say hi to all of he great staff. The majority were still at the school and somehow, they remembered me and were so welcoming. I look back on my time at Santa Reparata as some of the most fun and rewarding months of my life. If you are looking for a small school with charm in the heart of Florence, Santa Reparata is a wonderful choice.
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