Design Department

The SRISA design department offers fashion, communication, and interior design students a fantastic selection of courses to choose from. While each department is unique, they share a commitment to sustainable, ethical design.  Courses such as Design and Social Movements, Sustainable Fashion Design are examples of how SRISA is encouraging students to think and use design to make the world a better place.

Fashion Design

Lecture courses such as The Italian Fashion Industry and Clothing and Society introduce students to the cultural, historical and conceptual framework of the fashion world. Studio courses in Fashion Illustration, Garment Construction and Textile Design provide students with the practical skills to work in the field.

Textile Design

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Jewelry Design

Through hands-on experience, students are introduced to the basic elements of design and fabrication of contemporary and traditional jewelry. A solid foundation in workshop practices is combined with an emphasis on quality of design and craftsmanship.

Communication Design

The Communication Design department at SRISA offers a selection of beginning, intermediate, and advanced design courses to students coming from Graphic Design, Communication Design, and Illustration programs.

Interior Architecture

The Interior Architecture Department at SRISA provides beginning, intermediate, and advanced Interior Architecture and Design students with an in-depth look into the world of interior architecture and design as it is practiced in Italy and Europe.

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